Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Fantasy Football Loser

Behold, the Brandon H. Anderson Memorial Trophy. 

It's the loser's trophy for our fantasy football league. Only the worst of the worst get the distinct honor of housing this trophy all year. 

This year, that honor goes to me. In 2014, I lost ten games in a row, starting in week 2. It was a painful year. 

Just some bullet point history behind this trophy for the curious:

- I built this last year using Ax-Man parts. I think the total cost was $2. 
- Brandon Anderson isn't actually dead. But he was last place in 2012. This trophy commemorates his loss. 
- Matt Davis had the distinct pleasure of housing it last year. When asked whether it held up, he responded "naw, I had to super glue the photo on the way over." 

I've got some plans for this baby. It's going to retain the heart and soul, but get asome nice finishing touches so that it's ready for 2015's hero. 

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