Sunday, May 11, 2014

Elk River, MN

Sunday, Alicia and I ventured north for some her-family time. I'm fairly sure there were more birthdays being celebrated than not - which is par for the course in April/May. 

The Davies house in Elk River is notable for it's giant back yard...

View up to their house in the distance

... and that the edge of the back yard is the Mississippi River:

\Yep, the mighty Mississippi River

The river itself is flowing pretty darn high, as evidenced by the tree swing floating gently on the water. This reminded me of the daring photo I took inches above the Atlantic Ocean. As I'm always trying to out-do myself, I had to attempt another dangerous iPhone to water picture: 

Photo taken half an inch above the Mississippi River

I've concluded that it's difficult to make a photo taken near the water look impressive. 

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