Sunday, May 04, 2014

Cruise End and Happy Cats

Our seven night cruise came to an end on Sunday 5/4. We disembarked around 10:30am and caught a flight from Fort Lauderdale, FL back to Minnesota later that afternoon. Upon returning home, we found cats willing to do this:

They are rolling around for joy.

I've written previously about having the cats in close proximity, but that instance was purely accidental: Livia (the black one) didn't realize that Leela (black and white one) hadn't gone out the door yet and I capitalized on it. 

Above, you're seeing cats voluntarily being within two feet of each other. They're not just close to each other, they're rolling around happy next to each other. Unprecedented.

To close out my series of cruise posts, I'll finish with a nice picture and a word of advice:

Always take the next day off. Not going into the office on Monday was probably the best decision I'll make all year. 

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