Thursday, April 03, 2014

Walking Home in Snowstorm

Alicia and I went out and saw St. Vincent at the State Theater. We've been seeing a rash of music shows in the last month or so, starting with Arcade Fire @ Target Center in February and continuing with Drive-By Truckers @ First Ave (my birthday gift from the Berns, thanks guys!) and St. Vincent just seemed like a fun way to defy the winter storm warning. Great show, she's very talented. I'll show a video of her below for context.

But this leads us to our walk home. It was snowing and snowing heavy. As in clearly 1"-2" an hour. Getting out of a show at 10:45pm, there's not much hope for shoveled sidewalks. On the plus side, the roads were empty and the plows were doing great work. Thus the picture:

Walking down the center of 38th St.

We walked about two blocks in 6" of snow, hating every step. Finally, we realized that there were no cars on the road and we could triple our speed by walking in the road. Very fun! 

Postscript: Back to the show, here's the video that caught my eye and made me interested in St. Vincent. 

If that seems strange and controlled, the show was even more-so. She was deliberate in every eye-blink. Pretty amazing, frankly.

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