Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tuesday Ball Game

Did you notice it was cold on Tuesday? One of Alicia's coworkers did. That coworker happened to have season tickets to the Twins and wisely decided to find someone else to enjoy them. Alicia and I were the suckers.

It was seriously cold:

We only made it to the seventh inning. But the seats were fantastic! You could practically see the individual blades of grass on the field. Here was our view: 

Section 123, if you're curious

What tickled me even more was getting to gaze up at my office. Wikipedia says there are 52 total floors, so you can see me here:

Yay for Baseball! Hotdogs and popcorn and beer, oh my! Twins has a 2 run lead for most of the game, until the 6th when the Blue Jay scored 6 runs. Oy. 

To get respite from the cold, we employed a couple tactics - using heated bathrooms and camping under heat lamps. Frankly, none of it did very much - it was a piercing wind. But like our Tornado warning game a few years ago, it was a heck of an experience. 

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