Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Ship Activities: Eating, Drinking, and Sleeping

What does one do on a cruise ship besides eating, drinking and sleeping? Get creative, of course. You start treating the food as a canvas and create art:

It's a Big Mac© made at the buffet.

You treat the drinking like a challenge:

Pictured here are drinks #1 of our attempt to sequentially drink at every bar on the ship in one night. We were going top to bottom, starting on floor 17. 

Don't hold your breath, we failed. THERE WERE SO MANY BARS AROUND THE POOL! We decided we were too drunk to continue after 6 hours and ten bars. We left with our heads hung in disgrace, leaving six bars untouched that fateful evening. 

Finally, you don't just sleep, you get super good at sleeping: 

The sunset as viewed from bed on our television. We woke up from our naps just in time to catch it!

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