Thursday, April 10, 2014

Nook in St. Paul

A Juicie Nookie from Casper's & Runyon's Nook in St. Paul

Normally in polite company it's a bad idea to discuss politics and religion. For my lunch board gaming group at Target, it turns out that hamburgers is a third heated-uncomfortable-discussion topic. Very passionate opinions. One of the members of the group had previously even attempted a study of hamburgers in the Twin Cities. He's got good burgers at the top, including the Juicy Lucy from Matt's Bar which happens to be my personal favorite (twas my Birthday Dinner this year, after all). But number 1 is a burger from the Nook. 

Thus, I had to try it. 

First few timid bites

My initial reaction was amazement: the meat was fresh ground and reminded me of my fresh-ground burgers from home. The onion was raw and plentiful, adding the onion-y kick I love. But the amazement didn't stay glowing throughout the burger. Once I was deep in the cheese, I couldn't get the flavor of the hamburger as much. The super fresh meat was masked by the standard melted American cheese of the juicy-lucy. 

Two things have resulted: 

1) In this author's humble opinion, Matt's Bar retains the title

2) I need to come back to the Nook and have a non-Juicy-Lucy burger.  


Unknown said...

Matt's may have the best straight-up Juicy Lucy, but the Blue Door Pub has the best Blucy. Specifically, the Horsekicker Blucy. Just thinking about it makes me crave one.

Brian said...

@Alicia - yeah... dat horseradish.