Saturday, April 12, 2014

Cruise Prep Shopping Day

Alicia and I pulled out a shopping day on Saturday. We've both got various small clothing needs for an upcoming trip, so we decided to walk around the Mall of America. Some jeans and flip-flops for me, sunglasses and jeans for Alicia, good times.

But shopping day always has it's casualties. Weaknesses of the will where we throw money out the door. Here's one such splurge:

Behind that smile is anguish at spending $20 on two pounds of sand

Alicia's such a trooper - hiding her pain to ensure the troop's morale stays high. But we've let Brookstone bamboozle us into buying sand. Oh well. 

There was one distraction that helped us forget our troubles and recognize the good in humanity: 

A Yo-Yo Competition at the Eden Prairie Mall

The wild flailing of these spinning performers and trick-masters really saved the day. Huzzah!

Also on Shopping Day of note:

- $5 Dilbert Book!
- The Return of the Library Books
- The Grand Budapest Hotel
- Dinner with the Copelands 

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Unknown said...

That wasn't anguish! I was happy to spend a lot of money on a silly toy. Don't you know your wife at all?!