Sunday, April 06, 2014

Bike day!

My new bike, locked up and safe!

Saturday, after visiting the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Alicia and I visited Penn Cycle to find her a bike. Ever the loyal Target employee, I visited Target to pick me up the fine specimen you see locked-up on the south-west corner the IDS Tower block. 

Bullet points about this picture: 
  • I biked from our house to downtown Minneapolis in under 30 minutes, which is fantastic, considering the walk + train ride averages about 30
  • I haven't biked since I was working at Burger King at the age of 15
  • It was fantastic - there's a trail along the light rail tracks and it's a blast to watch the trains go by. Here's an action shot with Minneapolis in the background (and a missing Metrodome):

  • It was far easier than I expected - computing the calories consumed later, the hour round-trip was equivalent to running about two miles, which I do in about 16 minutes
  • Yeah yeah, it's a pain in the butt taking the front wheel off to lock it along with the back. I'll probably purchase a second lock... But I wasn't getting my brand new bike stolen on it's first trip to downtown Minneapolis on such a beautiful Sunday
Anywho, brace yourself - pictures taken while biking are coming.

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