Sunday, April 20, 2014

An Intro to Backyard Season

It was a gorgeous day. Time to get the cushions on the couch outside.

Just a fantastic Sunday. Garage cleaning, burgers on the grill, after-dinner nap. It all lead to my absolute favorite part of summer: 

Look at that comfortable, Ikea-furnished back yard patio!

Backyard night time! Yaaaay! It feels like air conditioning, no kids yelling in the distance, perfect lighting for laptops... it's great even sober!

Thanks to my parents for the outdoor path lights

April makes it sans-bug time, too, so it was all the better out.

That's a fire pillar in the center of the photo, yo. I'm writing this blog post by firelight

You might recall I've written about backyards five years ago. In Brooklyn, we briefly started taking care of the backyard of the apartment building we lived. Alicia and I spent some decent elbow-grease and made it a great little urban escape:

Here's the post from my previous blog this picture was featured

Seriously, this backyard used to be so nasty that Alicia refused to go back there. But we managed to turn it into something I was proud of. The epilogue to that story (unfortunately) is that new tenants came in and claimed it as their own. They ended up killing all the grass, scattering the rocks, and just treating the backyard as a flat patch of dirt for their kids to run-around. 

It may have taken a few years, but I've got my backyard back now. Huzzah. 

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