Tuesday, April 29, 2014

About a Boat

The boat itself was awesome. See for yourself:

This is just one of the "neighborhoods" on the ship. Outdoor park, yo. 

It was the attention to detail that made the Allure of the Seas fun to walk around. Here's the kind of thing you'd see if you stopped and focused on any one thing:

Glass birds, I guess. 

Art was just everywhere. Every hallway, every walkway, even when you looked up at quiet boring corners. As a result, it took until about day 3 for us to feel like we had a handle on the ship. I mean, check out the directory: 

The ship's directory.

Even with these directories everywhere, it was day 5 that we realized there was a bar on the top floor we'd completely missed:

The Viking-Crown Lounge on the 17th floor of the ship. Check out that ocean view.

In our defense, that bar was aft, while our stateroom was forward (which only went up 16 floors). 

Overall, my favorite part of the ship was the lighting. It turned a pretty ship into a sexy ship:

Look at that sexy lighting. It looks sexy in spite of the guy who walked into the center of my shot. 

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