Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Just a note to remind myself:

  • JPEG:
    • Good:
      • Photographs
      • Game screenshots
      • Movie stills
      • Desktop backgrounds
    • Bad:
      • Windows application screenshots
      • Line art and text
      • Comic strips
      • Anywhere where fine lines or sharp color contrast is needed
  • PNG:
    • Good:
      • Text, line art, comic-style drawings, general web graphics
      • Windows application screenshots
      • When accurate reproduction (lossless) is required (24 bit PNG)
      • When alpha channel support is required
      • As a general replacement for anything that is a non-animated GIF
    • Bad:
      • Photos, in-game screenshots (only when quality is not important and you're looking for small files)
      • Disappointing browser support for 32 bit PNGs from Microsoft and others
  • GIF:
    • Good:
      • Where animations are required
      • Widespread browser support
    • Bad:
      • Large file sizes compared to PNG for the same quality
      • Often limited to 256 colors (8 bit)
Thank you, random website.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Just clearing out my bookmarks, stumbled upon this pinnacle of video technology.

Web Comics

I've got a surprisingly large amount of web comics bookmarked. Surprises me, as I'm not a big comics guy. Might as well write 'em down once and move on:
<shrug> It feels pretty stupid, posting this short list. Oh well. 

Ubuntu Command Toys

Note to self: when you're bored, play with some of these commands:

...okay, I did one:

kinda lame...but kinda not. Well, one thing off my to do list.

Single Purpose Websites

Back in the mid to late 90's, my favorite way to browse the web was to hit up Yahoo. If you'll recall, it was primarily a directory service. I loved to navigate to the humor pages and the "useless" pages of the internet. Pages like the idiot button that would stay away from the cursor always made me pretty happy.

Now that we're fifteen years later, those websites still exist, and I love to keep tabs on 'em. Here's a few of my favorites:

***As a side note, it turns out Yahoo Directory is still a thing. I couldn't find the "useless" section, but I did find a few gems in Entertainment > Humor > Computers and Internet, such as two of the world's smallest websites. The internet is just plain awesome.

Bookmark Purge

Prep thyself for some posts.

Monday, November 05, 2012

the internet in one .gif

I dunno, it's just something about this specific .gif that tickles me in deep ways. Just so bizarre. That's so internet.